Wednesday, July 18, 2018

More On McCarrick - With A Trip Down Memory Lane

Christopher Manion, a Catholic journalist, wrote a piece in which he calls for the resignations of all bishops who knew of Cardinal McCarrick's abuses and did nothing to stop it.  One Peter Five has commentary on that and I need not elaborate on that.  I would only add that priests be added to that clarion call.  Even if they were victims, even if their vocations were on the line, they still had a moral duty to come forth, yet they shirked it.

Today Church Militant published the account of John DeFilippis, a former seminarian who had his own harrowing experience with Cardinal McCarrick.  However, even he doesn't name names.  Clearly the priest who told him that McCarrick might want to share his bed was complicit.  He should be named.

From the moment he arrived in Washington, Cardinal McCarrick was always prone to embroil himself in squalid associations, be they with Ted Kennedy, John Sweeney, Sr. Carol Keehan, etc.  Over the years I've been involved with four pickets to protest his joint appearances with these pro-aborts.  It appears that there will be no others from him - at least I hope so.  Below I post a video from the last of these encounters.  This occasion was the graduating ceremony of students from Gonzaga High, in June of 2010.  The Obama Hell-Bill had just been signed, with the connivance of Sister Carol Keehan of the Pen of Perfidy.  Guess who the commencement speaker was?  Yes, the aforementioned Keehan!  Guess who gave the invocation?  Yes, Cardinal McCarrick!  We were on hand to protest the debacle and Cardinal McCarrick received some well-deserved rebuke.  Observe (please watch till the end).

Cardinal McCarrick's years are winding down.  He hasn't much time left.  Please pray that he repents - that he makes a good confession, and very soon.  Else his eternal prospects look mighty dim.


  1. How about a civil suit or RICO action suit against all these bishops? And who else is out their preying still on our young people who has not yet been outed as a predatory pervert? How to tell who they may be? St Paul tells us the effeminate [never mind those men who sleep with men, and women who do unnatural things with women-those are separate categories of evil for St Paul], the effeminate will not inherit the kingdom. How many effeminate priests and bishops and cardinals have you seen prancing around an altar or smirking thru a press conference? We must conclude that these effeminate priests and prelates are also perverts and/or part of the group that has enabled the predators for decades, shuttling their fellow perverts all around the USA. with full knowledge of what they had done and what they would most certainly continue to do. Under the law, that is a"corrupt organization" for RICO if I ever heard of one. Guy McClung, Texas

  2. How about they layicize this homo.

  3. And now, we read of his abuse of an 11 year old. Beyond disgusting!


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