Monday, July 29, 2019

Well Whadya Know?? The Pope Can Kneel!

He doesn't do so before the Blessed Sacrament, but he'll do this??????


  1. fed up of blogs like yours, claiming to be Catholic and just constantly attacking Pope Francis, most of what is wrong in the church started well before him, at least he is doing something about the abuse crisis. Disgusting blog, shame on you

    1. So Pope Francis is your knight in shining armor? Well, consider these:
      And then of course there is the disgraceful episode of this pope's undermining of the discipline that Pope Benedict imposed upon Cardinal McCarrick, the now-infamous serial predator of the Archdiocese of Washington (my home diocese). Pope Benedict XVI had ordered McCarrick not to make appearances and to live a life of penance. Once he retired and Francis ascended the papal throne, McCarrick was allowed to resume his globe-trotting ways. He'd probably still be doing so had not James Grein gone public about the torment that he suffered under McCarrick. If that's what you call Pope Francis "doing something", that doesn't fly by a long shot.
      Now if you want to continue to bury your head in the dirt regarding Pope Francis, I certainly cannot stop you. However, I sure as hell won't join you and I will continue to sound the alarm about him and the havoc that he is wreaking on Holy Mother Church as he also induces souls to go to hell. If that doesn't sit well with you, you'll have to deal with it or find another blog to suit your truth-denying tastes.

    2. It wasn't Pope Francis who promoted McCarrick in the first place

    3. I didn't say he was. The fact is that Pope Benedict put him under discipline and Francis set McCarrick free to continue his misdeeds.

  2. If Jesus was a Communist, THEN he would kneel before Him.

  3. William, you are perhaps an older gentleman and may be thinking about how we considered popes from back in the day when popes did no wrong that we ever knew about.
    Things have changed. We all want those days to be again, but they are not coming back. I can't give you a summary of things most decidedly un-Catholic this pope has said and done, but I want to encourage you as a Catholic it is your responsibility to find out about them and then decide. It's not easy to take, I know, but if you actually care about Catholicism and believe it to be the church Christ founded then you will want to know the truth, not the polite falsehood.
    In the opinion of many faithful and knowledgeable Catholics, the man Bergolio is not even a Catholic, and all indications are he is a Communist/Peronist/Marxist/Humanist/ and he works diligently to destroy what we know as Catholicism while turning the West into an Islamic caliphate. As I said, it's not easy, and we hate saying such things, but the evidence is undeniable.
    Don't hate the messenger.

  4. Are you delusional or just uninformed?


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