Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Kansas' Gain Is Florida's Loss

LifeSiteNews announced that Theodore McCarrick moved from the friary in Kansas to what  they called an "undisclosed location".  They stated that the move was voluntary on McCarrick's part and is being done to deal with the increased scrutiny under which McCarrick finds himself, owing to his decades of homosexual predations on young men.

The account of this  event is somewhat confusing.  James Grein was one of McCarrick's first victims.  It was his testimony that set into motion the events that culminated in McCarrick's dismissal from the clerical state.  He said to LifeSiteNews of their account, "this is news to me."  However, George Neumayr stated in a tweet that Grein told him that McCarrick had moved to a priests' retirement community within the Diocese of St Augustine (FL).  That would be this place.  So first Grein doesn't know, but then he tells Neumayr where McCarrick went??

At any rate, notice that this place only has six apartments.  I would think that demand for these apartments would be high.  So assuming that McCarrick did move there, who moved the necessary mountains to make that possible?  Church Militant's piece suggests that McCarrick will be able to come and go at will, as does the St. Michael's site.  Isn't that convenient, given that Jacksonville International Airport is just 30 miles away from his new residence?  What with all that scrutiny and such, the new digs might come in handy.  Hmmm...

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