Sunday, March 28, 2021

Pregnant Woman Arrested During Mass By Police For Not Wearing Mask

The lock-down, mask-up tyranny continues to be foisted upon Catholics who are trying to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion.  Before I continue, let me clarify a point.  The tyranny of which I speak is being inflicted by conniving bishops and their crony pastors.  Quite a few governmental officials have lifted restrictions on the churches, but they continue to be imposed by these same faithless bishops who are showing themselves to be lackeys of the atheistic new world order.

I wrote last week on this matter, pointing out that in Texas, the restrictions on church attendance and mask-wearing were lifted by Governor Abbott.  I also pointed out that the bishops continue the strangulation of Sacramental life, with the happy exception of Bishop Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler.  News comes to us now of quite a sinister twist in the Texas bishops' smackdown of faithful Catholic life.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas is one parish that retains the draconian restrictions, at the behest of Bishop Edward Burns of the Diocese of Dallas; you can see the mandate right on the home page.  A few days ago, Deirdre Hairston, a pregnant woman sitting in the back of the church was arrested by local police.  She did not wear a mask; remember, she's pregnant.  They were called by the pastor, Father Milton Ryan, and they proceeded to remove her while Mass was still in progress.  At least she was able to receive Holy Communion.  Taylor Marshall interviewed her, and played the video of the encounter that she was able to obtain.

Before you watch the video, I must point out some errors in what the two of them engaged.  They all stem from a regrettable tendency of Catholics to conflate civil law with canon law.  At canon law, Father Ryan was completely, 100% wrong in denying Mrs. Hairston the right to attend Mass.  Compounding his canonical crime is that he had her forever banned from stepping onto Church property.  At canon law he had no right to do that.  Unfortunately at civil law, he did.  They observed that Bishop Burns is the legal owner of the parish grounds.  Marshall and Hairston mentioned that, but then assumed that Burns himself had to request her removal.  Not so.  Most bishops do delegate that authority and responsibility to the local pastors.  Moreover, the police, by virtue of being enforcers of civil law, could not consider canon law; the latter is simply out of their area of competence.  I fail to see what good it did to criticize their calling the church a "business".  Well, maybe "establishment" might have been better, but they were unable to enforce civil law using the standards of canon law.  We Catholics have simply got to stop assuming that our civil servants can take church law into account when enforcing civil law; we accomplish nothing by this sloppy thinking.

I am linking now to the web page of Holy Trinity Church - their "contact us" page, to be precise.  Therein you will find phone numbers, email addresses, etc to which I urge every one of us to direct our polite but very firm protests.  Those of you in the Dallas area should consider whether or not this diocese is worthy of your financial support; clearly that goes double for parishioners of Holy Trinity.  Sometimes money, or lack thereof, is the only language these people understand.  Here's the Dallas diocese's contact page.

Another important note - I and many others don't post these things to get hits on our blogs and sites.  As we try to assist Holy Mother Church, we seek to: 1) inform you of the perils that really do exist and 2) to motivate and assist you in taking concrete action in setting these matters aright.  All of us - including you - are the Church Militant.  We have a solemn duty to slough off indifference and take action.  Prayer is vital, of course, but by itself is an inadequate response.  Ora et labora.


  1. I did happen to watch this on Saturday evening as it popped up on my phone. This is incredibly upsetting. So wrong and so evil on so many levels. I had a hard time getting to sleep on Saturday night. This poor brave woman also had her 1 1/2 yr old in her arms at the time all this went down. Totally unconscionable. And she was not in the front part of Church where some people would take her non mask wearing as more of a 'risk' to others. This 'Pastor' doesn't deserve the collar he's wearing, but what I find even more upsetting is that not one of the Mass going parishioners came to her defense. There had to be enough of a ruckus that at least some would have known what was going on. In all rights they should have all marched out of Church in protest of the abuse leveled on her and her family. But, you are correct in at least she was able to receive Communion. I have posted this on other social media in hopes that the Pastor and the Bishop get an earful. It needs to go as viral as possible.

    Up next: If you don't get the death vax you're not allowed at Mass. Already happening at a Parish in Florida if you caught that one.

  2. Far too many 'shepherds' have not only bought the fear narrative but care more for the health of the body than the health of the is the case at the church of the Precious Blood in Monmouth Beach, NJ where only the 'vaccinated' are welcome to come to confession! And there is a church in Florida where the 'vaccinated' sit on one side and the 'unvaccinated' sit on the other. Crazy. And still so many people are denied the sacraments which is demonic at the core.


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