Sunday, May 2, 2021

Xaverian Brothers - Gay Pandering Social Justice Warriors, Disregarding Eternal Life

 I got hold of the Spring 2021 issue of Concordia, a magazine put out by the Xaverian Brothers.  On page 5 is the article that you see on the right-hand side of this post.  It's also on line at their website.  The article calls to memory Tyler Clementi, a young college student who committed suicide after he was outed as a gay man.

The author laments that he was bullied in his final days and sings the praises of the foundation that his family set up in his memory, the Tyler Clementi Foundation.  The article also claims that several bishops have voiced public support of this foundation that exists ostensibly to address consequences of bullying.  Brother Daniel, the General Superior, says, "our work...calls us to stand up for LGBTQ+ youth and against any form of harassments and bullying."  What is missing from this supposedly Catholic publication is any concern for the salvation of Clementi's soul.  Clementi was bullied after he was caught kissing another man.  Certainly the bullying of Clementi was a criminal act, but Clementi was engaging in actions that imperiled his immortal soul.  Why did this "katholyc" magazine not urge that we pray that Clementi, as he was falling from the bridge, have the grace of final repentance?

One might glean from that admission that the Xaverians do not believe that homosexual acts are gravely sinful, as they actually are.  One might also glean that impression from the lauds that they heap upon the Tyler Clemente Foundation.  One can scroll through the banners of their front page to see that this outfit exists not only to address bullying but to cram the gay agenda down our throats.  There is a "birthday celebration" honoring George Takei, Tipper Gore and others.  These must be the bishops that the Xaverian article mentioned; almost all of them dissent from Church teaching on several matters.

The Xaverians are yet another men's order that is actually greasing the skids to hell for any of the unsuspecting people it purports to serve.  Let this humble post be the start of their exposition.

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