Saturday, November 20, 2021

News Flash! Blasphemy Is No Joke!

Social media has its uses and benefits.  The left discovered that back in 2008 as they utilized it to help elect Barack Obama.  Admittedly good Christian people were simply outclassed in the use of electronic resources.  One of the features of this electronic means of communications is the ability to communicate to others while obfuscating one's own identity.  However, such anonymity means reduced accountability, leading some to believe that they can let loose with their less-than-noble impulses.  One might expect leftwing atheists to wallow in that swill, and they do.  Sadly, some who profess to be Christian have also succumbed to such temptations.

There are sites devoted to Christian (?) humor.  While for the most part the jokes and memes are decent enough, there are troubling instances where they cross unacceptable lines.  The comments on these posts are also quite disappointing.  A few of us have attempted to remind others of proper Christian morality and decorum only to be mocked as having no "sense of humor".  I will post some examples, apologizing in advance for the regrettable nature of these, but if we want to see some reasons why we are not proceeding in the fight for Christian culture, we must be prepared to see what some in our midst consider to be acceptable behavior.

This gem to the left is taken from a site called "Casual Christian Comedy 2".  Sometimes with this group more emphasis is placed on the "casual" as opposed to "Christian".  

Faithful Catholics will see the problem with this immediately, as this flies in the face of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception.  Our Lady, from the moment of her conception, was free from original sin and its effects.  However, we see here that she is portrayed as harboring a grudge and being disrespectful to her husband.  Moreover, there are well-founded traditions that Joseph, while not being immaculately conceived, was sanctified in the womb of his mother and remained free of all actual sin during his life.  Is this how the parents of Jesus, whom He Himself honored, should be portrayed?  To their credit, several non-Catholics also took issue with this meme.

Catholics are by no means guiltless when it comes to these memes.  This questionable sampling is taken from a page called "Catholic memes".  Whereas the meme above blasphemed Mary and Joseph, here we have God the Father being blasphemed.  He is being portrayed as pulling a prank on Abraham and is likened to some voyeuristic photographer skulking in bushes.

Anyone who has read that passage in Genesis understands that the episode was to cement in Abraham's mind the priority of God in his life and to prefigure the Father's sacrifice of His Sone for the salvation of humanity.  Some pointed out on the comment section that it posed also an antidote to the notion of human sacrifice prevalent at the time.  

Instead, though, the meme blasphemed God the Father by portraying Him as a childish and somewhat sadistic prankster who was simply using Abraham and Isaac for some sick jollies.  The angel being portrayed as using "dude talk" (for lack of better term) is an additional affront to the dignity of the angels.

An aside: I cannot imagine Catholics who attend the Traditional Latin Mass would ever snigger at either of these memes.  Those who don't take seriously God's teachings on life, the Real Presence, marriage, etc would be more likely to fall sway to these blasphemous memes.  

Another aside: A constant "talking point" against our objections is that "God has a sense of humor".  He does.  But these memes simply do not conform to a proper sense of humor.  Blasphemy is a sin against God's dignity, against the Second Commandment.  How can we not take Him seriously and yet expect to bring the culture back to Him?


  1. Thank you for this post. What you've mentioned has been bothering me all my life since childhood when I encounter things like it in joke books and religious magazines. I'm glad someone put into words one of those concerns that's been in the back of my head all along but forgotten among a thousand other worries.

  2. Nac, you are absolutely right. That sense of humor makes me cringe. Those jokes are expressions of mockery towards God.

  3. I have a sense of humor but I know blasphemy when I see it and I avoid the "cool", "edgy" Catholic sites who produce this kind of thing. I stopped reading one Catholic writer who is big time and widely admired because she posted this stuff on her Twitter feed and mocked people who objected.


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