Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Are The Majority Of US Bishops Pro-Abortion?

That question above is not facetious.  I am quite serious when I ask that.  Consider the following.

While Mark Houck's situation continues to develop, we are learning of yet another antic by Federalized Bullies for Intimidation (FBI).  Brian Gibson, director of Pro-Life Action Ministries, revealed to LifeNews that FBI agents harassed two of his team.

Recently Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute released a report revealing the overtly pro-abortion activities of Faith in Action, a recipient of CCHD grants totaling $500k.  I said "overtly" because Faith in Action is quite blatant about their support for baby-slaughter, their displeasure at the Dobbs ruling, etc.  I needn't rehash the report, but suggest that readers study it.  When I started looking at the recipients of CCHD grants, I wondered how the CCHD could be so negligent as to give Catholic money to organizations despite their pro-abortion leanings.  Now I realize that CCHD gives them money precisely because they are pro-abort.

Four years ago I chronicled the Archdiocese of Washington's weird attitude towards local grassroots pro-life activists.  The steps they took against us did much to undermine our ability to save lives at the various abortuaries within the archdiocese.  At the time I thought they were being incredibly stupid.  I no longer believe it was stupidity.  A few months ago, when the Dobbs decision nullified Roe v Wade, the reaction of Cardinal Gregory was somewhat less than jubilant.  He said a few laudatory things about it, but then segued immediately into a "seamless garment" soundbite.  He blathered on a bit about "ending divisions" more so than ending the slaughter of millions of babies every year.  News flash!  As long as evil exists in the world, division is not only inevitable.  It is absolutely necessary.  Under no circumstance can we seek unity with those who espouse such monstrous, barbaric evils.

All these things, by themselves, don't seem that indicative of much.  They do when considered in their totality.

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