Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Is Catholic Charities Participating In Trafficking Of Vulnerable Immigrant Children?

Two very related articles are making their way through the internet this week, both regarding the shipment by the Federal government of unattended undocumented alien children.  I cannot call them "illegal aliens" for many of them are not of age to be culpable of border crashing.  The feds are, though.  

Judicial Watch, through a FOIA request, obtained a 16-page document from the HHS Department revealing that planes originating in San Diego were depositing these kids in multiple cities.  This is orchestrated by the Biden administration but has probably been going on for a long time.  Now consider that these kids are being deposited in some refuge centers - no homes, no families.  What is the nature of these "refuge centers"?  What do the feds intend for these kids?  Is it at all possible that this is sheer, unabashed human trafficking, with the aim of exploiting these kids?

About the same time, this article from the New York Post is making its way through the web.   They state that several so-called "charities", including Catholic Charities, are receiving millions of dollars (our tax dollars, that is) to facilitate this illegal border crashing.  This is no surprise.

Over the years, this blog and other outlets have been disclosing the gross misbehaviors of Catholic Charities, especially with regards to illegal aliens.  Here we read an account from 14 years ago, when an employee of Catholic Charities of Richmond (VA) took a female client of theirs, an underage alien, with the prior knowledge of the local bishop, for an abortion.  In 2010, Catholic Charities of Arlington covered up the fact that an illegal alien whom they were aiding and abetting engaged in drinking-and-driving (not the first offense) and caused an auto accident that killed someone in the other car.  The feds had their hand in it, too, for he was about to be deported but was released on his own recognizance.

At one time, I thought these isolated incidents were anomalies.  I was enlightened otherwise when the truth was revealed how Catholic Charities, particularly in those locales near the southern border, were being granted millions of dollars (again, our tax dollars).  Of course, some of those "immigrants" were muslim terrrorists (read all the links).  Some of that government funding has been coming from HHS, mentioned in the second paragraph of this post as coordinating all the dispersal of immigrant children hither and yon.

Again, what is their "end-game" for these children?  What in hell do they plan to do with, and to, them?  I just do not trust them to have the children's best interests at heart.  Quite the opposite may well be the case.  If these children are slated to be exploited, the bishops, through Catholic Charities, will be part and parcel, and just as guilty of such crimes.

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