Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mainstream Catholic Media - Their Sinful Disregard For The Truth

Last year Greta Van Suserten interviewed Sarah Palin.  Both agreed that the mainstream media had become partners of the Obamanistas by covering up their dangerous derelictions of duty.  I'll post the video and below that, I have some words for the Catholic mainstream media.

What these ladies said goes double for the Catholic mainstream media.  By that, I mean the Catholic News Service (arm of the USCCB), all the diocesan media outlets (our own Catholic Standard leads the pack in mediocrity).  I regret that I must add EWTN to that group; were Mother Angelica of decent health, I'm sure EWTN would never have devolved into a "church of nice" brown-nosing outfit.

I started this blog because the Catholic Standard would not address real issues facing Catholics.  Most notably at the time, they wouldn't address the terrible disobedience to Canon 915 that was demonstrated by Cardinal McCarrick, then Archbishop of Washington.  Until that time, the Standard at least had a "letters to the editor" section.  At that time, the section was permanently discontinued.

Then, of course, there was the incident two Lents ago, at my own Church, when a priest at my parish actually obeyed Canon 915 and was promptly thrown under the bus for it.  Remember Father Marcel Guarnizo?  The incident made international news.  Not one peep was mentioned in the Standard, nor was it mentioned in Our Parish Times, published by the Catholic Businessmen's Network.  That is nothing short of dishonesty by omission, and a complete disregard for standards of journalism.

So if the "lamestream media" (to coin Palin's term) won't do their job, it's up to us -the laity to do it for them.  Hence the existence of this blog and many others (some on the right tool bar).  That is one of the points made in yesterday's Vortex.  We need to be talking about these matters.  We need to shine the light on cockroaches and to do so relentlessly.  We are the Church Militant, not the Church Mellow nor the Church Milquetoast nor the Church Meelymouth.

Ora et labora!


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis but we must hold the USCCB completely responsible for allowing the American church to become a hotbed of lies and persecution of the righteous. It's tragic, of course, but the church is human and sin is part of the mix. Hiding the truth and persecuting those who stand for the truth are all too common in life -- an, sadly, the church is no exception. As a Catholic church musician, I have experienced this over and over, as liturgical music is a very contentious area. There are rubrics that we must follow, but Catholic priests are often the first to throw them (and us) under the bus. The man who was the instrument of Fr. Marcel's very public reprimand and humiliation, Father Barry Knestout - well I guess he is a bishop now (which is a joke) has a long history of stabbing people in the back. He did it to me while working for him at a local parish. Knestout's ability to lie and cover up the truth is truly stunning. The disease is systemic in the church and starts with the priests. Knestout's portrayal of me - in the midst of some parish tempest in a teapot - was a complete lie. Yet even those who knew me well believed him due to the power of his office. The Catholic media knows that 95% of the USCCB is made of company men looking for a comfortable life - not the challenges of carrying the cross of truth into the world. The priests, bishops, Archbishops who allow lies, distortions and agenda-driven spin to outweigh their vows to God, will have to stand before God at the end of their earthly lives, and explain. I wish I could say, "may God have mercy on them" but I wouldn't mean it and I won't lie.

  2. "That is one of the points made in yesterday's Vortex. We need to be talking about these matters. We need to shine the light on cockroaches and to do so relentlessly. "
    I'll believe Vortex when he starts "shining the light" on the Pope.

    1. Until then, what? I too disagree with his "hands-off" approach to the pope's obvious failures, but Voris' other words stand on their own merits. Expose the malfeasance of the pope, yes (I've been doing that). But don't neglect to do so in local arenas.


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