Thursday, December 4, 2014

Swiss Guard Firing - More To This Than Meets The Eye?

I wrote yesterday about the firing of the current Swiss Guard Commandant.  There were allegations that Anrig was too "rigid" and "militaristic".  Egads!  A soldier acting like a soldier!  We can't have any of that going on now, can we?

My fellow bloggers are to be commended for looking deeper into this situation than I did.  There may be something more sinister driving this firing decision than a mere personality clash.  Rorate Caeli puts forth a belief that the Swiss Guard, under Anrig, has been crimping the style of the gay network that is firmly ensconced within the Vatican.  Mundabor voices similar theories and opines that the Swiss Guard was putting the kibosh on nighttime frolicking by the gays who occupy the same hotel in which the Pope's resides. I agree with my friend at Tenth Crusade that for all the kvetching that the Holy Father has done regarding the plight of the workingman, that this was an odd way to treat one of his own employees.

Let us keep the Holy Father in prayer.  Let us also, for the sake of Holy Mother Church, never stop shining the light on misdeeds in the Vatican.

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