Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dissident Fr James Martin To Address DC Priest Symposium This September

From Canon212, we have learned that the Washington Theological College, located at 401 Michigan Avenue, NE, Washington DC 20017 will be conducting an "Alumni Days 2017" gathering.  As you can see from this flyer, (and by the way, dear chancery moles, I downloaded it so if it "disappears", I can make it "reappear)" dissident Father James Martin, will be the keynote symposium speaker.  

His topic is strangely called "Encountering Jesus: Meeting The Jesus Of History And The Christ Of Faith".  Why are "Jesus" and "Christ" separated in that fashion?  Any Catholic knows that while Jesus possesses two natures, divine and human, His Personhood is divine.  As you'll see in this anthology of posts concerning Martin, he does seem to have some trouble grasping the fact that Jesus Christ isn't just another guy.  The commands of Jesus and His Father are truly to be obeyed - including those regarding the mortal sin of homosexual conduct.

Note that during this symposium, Cardinal Wuerl will be the principal celebrant at the Sunday Mass.  You might also have noted in that anthology that Cardinal Wuerl invited Father Martin (fully aware of his serious heresies) to give the Good Friday meditations at St. Matthew's Cathedral.  Did Cardinal Wuerl pull some strings to get Father Martin invited to this thing?  Given recent history, I believe that is a fair question.

Let's give them a call and urge that Father Martin, on account of his dissidence regarding the gay lifestyle be rescinded.  Faithful priests may wish to avoid this event. Other actions are under consideration.

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  1. "Donna" Wuerl and Martin are a couple of queens. They're card-carrying members of the lavender mafia. Wuerl has Martin's back and vice versa. Absolutely no chance Martin will be disinvited.


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