Saturday, July 8, 2017

Some Closer Looks At The Vatican Gay-Drug Orgy

Last Tuesday I posted about the drug/sex orgy inside Vatican facilities that was busted by local police.  This occurred in the apartment of Msgr Capozzi, who was so high on cocaine that he had to taken to a local hospital for detoxification.

LifeSiteNews has summarized key facts about this debacle, while Toronto Catholic Witness broaches more considerations, including the obvious cover-up.   Capozzi's boss, Cardinal Coccopalmerio, said that Catholic leaders "must emphasize the positive realities that are present in homosexual relationships".  Bear in mind that this man is head of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legal Texts.  Did the Cardinal just give us a glimpse of the kind of "interpretations" that will spew forth from his council?  When he made his remarks, did he know of Capozzi's gay escapades?  I suspect the answer to both of those questions is "yes".

Speaking of "emphasizing positive realities", several US parishes are in fact coddling sodomite sin.  Church Militant advises us of a California parish that is celebrating its sodomite parish council member in their bulletin.  Just one hour's drive from me is a moral cesspool that used to be Catholic parish; I refer to St. Matthew's in Baltimore (on Loch Raven Boulevard).  I've written enough about that, but will most likely have more  to report.

We will need to both pray and act.  One cannot truly happen without the other.

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  1. This entire debacle would be shocking had I not been keeping up with news from the Vatican in the past several years. I beg that God will hear our prayers, spare us the scourge so much called for, and finally grant us the real mercy we request, and allow the correction of the tremendous trial we are all enduring at the hands of our pontiff.


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