Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pope Francis, Do NOT Appoint Another Dissident To The Archdiocese Of Washington!

As announced a few days ago, the pope has (finally!) accepted the resignation of Cardinal Wuerl as Archbishop of Washington.  The pope stipulated that Wuerl is to retain authority as "apostolic administrator" until a successor is selected.  We may rest assured that Wuerl will have huge input (if not sole input) regarding that selection.  However long it takes, Wuerl will be in charge; that is, he's gone in name only.

The rumor mill has floated some names, none of which are outside the realm of possibilities, given the mindsets of both Wuerl and the pope.  Some of these give great cause for concern, as I have written when the "possibilities" have made their problematic characteristics known.  They are:
  • Cardinal Joseph "nighty-night baby" Tobin  He allowed lesbians to celebrate their perversion of #mowwidge in a KofC hall.  He allowed gay "pilgirmages" in his diocese.  He poo-pooed the concerns of the Dubia Cardinals.  He is not to be confused with Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island.
  • Bishop Robert McElroy - In his opposition to President Trump, he wrote that "we must all become disrupters"; might he hold some blame for all the antifa crap going on now?  We faithful Catholics who expose him, on the other hand, are called "cancers" engaging in "verbal violence".  He ordered his priests to give Holy Communion to adulterous Catholics.
  • Cardinal Blaise Cupich - his appointment here would be the stuff of nightmares.  He has persecuted faithful priests such as Fathers Frank Phillips and Paul Kalchik.  He is a shill for the giving of Holy Communion to adulterers and sodomites.  He allows dissidents like Father Michael Pfleger to run rampant.  Church Militant put up a petition that he be removed - and now he might come here?  Puh-leeezeee!
I and many faithful Catholic bloggers have taken these prelates (and others) to task.  To the trolls who have been charged by the Vatican to follow our blogs, please be advised that if any of these (or other dissidents) are assigned to the Washington Archdiocese, we will rebuke them when necessary (perhaps that might be its own full-time job).  We will shine the light on any misdeeds.  

We of the Archdiocese of Washington have already put up with two dissident prelates and have seen good priests here both hog-tied and/or expelled.  Be advised that we will not be silent.  We will take a page from Pope Francis' playbook and make a mess for those who would turn the mystical body of Christ into just another social-justice, community-organizing progressive racket.

Rest assured we will be watching and we won't hesitate to raise our voices and withhold our dollars if we perceive the next bishop to be one who will continue with the desecration of Holy Mother Church.  To the progressive Vatican officials who even now ponder their choices, if you do select another progressive, well, to borrow a phrase of Cardinal Cupich, do you really want to go down that rabbit hole?


  1. It wouldn't surprise me if they go "all the way" and bring Rembert G. Weaklan back out of the closest (I mean retirement).

  2. He'll probably appoint someone who makes Wuerl look like St Athanasius----don't hope for too much.

  3. OTOH, alas, there are plenty of us in San Diego who would be only too happy to see the last of Bishop McElroy.


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