Thursday, May 14, 2020

From The Frying Pan To The Fire

On Wednesday, May 13, Governor Hogan announced the rescinding of some of his unconstitutional dictates.  Under limited conditions will some of Maryland businesses remain free of jack-booted behavior from local police.  These dictates should never have been laid upon us in the first place; I will not call them law for they themselves are unlawful in that they fly in the face of the United States Constitution, the highest civil law in this country.

Church services are free to resume at 50% capacity.  For many churches, that means they can resume as they had been, owing to the previous drop-off of attendance.  Of area Catholic dioceses, I am only aware of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston that will offer public Masses commencing the weekend of May 23-24.   The Archdiocese of Baltimore will start offering public Masses the weekend of May 30-31.  They will now cease their denial of the Sacraments of Penance and Extreme Unction.  Below is a video by Archbishop Lori as he announces the "protocols".  He will not hinder Comunion on the tongue.  More commentary under the video.

The Archdiocese of Washington remains without a public Mass.  Much of the Maryland portion of the diocese is within Montgomery and Prince George's counties.  Both those county executives are now playing the dictators and keeping civic life under the jack-boot.  I don't know what Archbishop Gregory is doing about Charles and Calvert counties, nor do I know the mndsets of those local governments.

Meanwhile, from the Vatican came a call to engage in world-wide idolatry.  They called upon people "of all religious affiliations" to pray and fast for an end to the covid pandemic.  People were encouraged to pray "according to the teachings of their religion, faith or sect".  Folks, not only would this be rank idolatry on our part, but the Vatican - and the Pope - are telling pagans that they should worship their demon-idols.  I wonder what the Vatican would say if those "teachings" mandated human sacrifice?

I believe we are undergoing this pandemic because of various idolatries and sins against the One True God.  So the pope shuts the churches, forbids priests to administer the sacraments and now goes so far as to advocate all-out idolatry?  Do they have any common sense?  Do they have a scintilla of belief in Our Lord Jesus Christ?

We'd better pray and speak out the truth, lest the next chastisement from God makes this current one look like a cake walk.

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