Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Montgomery County MD Slides Further Down The Cesspool

There's talk that the corona virus has awakened more interest in home schooling.  Since March much of the nation has had no choice in the matter since schools were closed.  When I first heard that public schools were closed, I wasn't that heartbroken for we are all well aware that public schools, by and large, have devolved into brainwashing centers that aim to turn out mind-numb, amoral cogs for the machine of the New World Order.

Thanks to Activist Mommy, we learn that a school district will start a series on LGBTQ+  studies!  The students don't learn their history (just the warped version leading them to despise their heritage), no civics or life skills, barely literate, but they just have to learn the "culture of LGBTQ"!  And where, oh where, is this pioneering district located?  Montgomery County, Maryland, of course!  That bastion of all things progressive and dumbed-down!

It was Montgomery County MD that was one of the first localities that tried to implement a NARAL-concocted scheme to shut down pro-life pregnancy centers (and had their behinds handed to them in court).  They've led the charge to force transgender "rights" down our throats and to have us fund the lawbreaking of illegal aliens. Late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart set up shop here because this county is so hospitable to baby-killers.

In other news, the State of Maryland is starting to crawl out from corona shut-down - except for one county.  Guess which one?

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  1. Hell-worthy practices by MoCo. And with HoCo's anti-religious stance, we really do have demonically-inspired elected and appointed officials.


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