Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Let's Not Lose Sight Of McCarrick And The Evils That He Wrought

Amidst all the turmoil regarding the corona virus, draconian governmental shutdowns, the thuggish behaviors of Antifa and "Black Lives Matter", it is easy to lose sight of how McCarrick made a mockery of the Church.  Indeed, we can probably lay at his feet the blame for the Church's wimpy and heretical responses to the above-named plagues.

One big matter that is slipping from the minds of many (and perhaps this is a goal of the progressive prelates) is the report on McCarrick that was supposed to have been released months ago.  It still remains under lock and key - whether that of the Vatican or the USCCB I don't know, but I'm fairly certain they are in cahoots.

I post below two relevant videos, but still have some remarks to make.  Taylor Marshall alludes to the election of Francis to the papacy.  Shortly after he was elected, some anomalies came to light and I posted about them here and here.  In the second link, I posted a video of an address given by then-cardinal McCarrick, in which he alludes to being asked to influence the election for then-Cardinal Bergoglio.  Marshall made mention of that.  In the two posts, I made known my concerns regarding the validity of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI; my concerns remain unaddressed and therefore I must admit his resignation may have been invalid and that he still remains the true pope.

Marshall mentioned the Lifesitenews summary of the study of McCarrick's network of accomplices.  Here is the link to that summary.

The Vortex below, also from a few days ago, looks at the McCarrick situation from other angles, particularly regarding the literal sell-off of the Catholic Church in China.

When I first started blogging, McCarrick was still archbishop of my diocese.  I started writing because I knew he and others posed problems for the Church.  At that time, the Catholic Standard had been ordered to cease publishing "letters to the editor" after he made allowances for pro-aborts to receive Holy Communion sacrilegiously.  However, at that time, I was not aware of the extent of evil perpetrated by that man.  I consider it an act of Divine Mercy that he was laicized.  However, the wheels of evil that he set in motion still continue to churn, and we see some of that in burned cities, ruined livelihood, vandalized churches, governmental tyrants run amok.

In addition to the Rosary that Marshall mentioned, we've got to act.  Getting in front of the USCCB meeting might be a good idea.  We have also got to get behind President Trump this coming November.  He has demonstrated that he is at least friendly to traditional western civilization, unlike the Democrats who are rabidly pro-abortion and anti-God.

Please spread this post and the videos around.

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  1. As he departed from Washington, McCarrick famously re-assigned about half the priests. A priest hated by McCarrick, who knew no Latin, was assigned as pastor of a parish with a TLM. "Father H----- was sent here to fail," a deacon in that parish said. As it turned out, he learned the TLM quickly, and flourished in the parish. Other priests McCarrick hated were "exiled" to "less desirable" parishes, or ones to which McCarrick hoped they would be especially unsuited. Hardly the greatest of crimes, but how typical of McCarrick to make practically his last act as the ordinary of any diocese an act of hate and spite.

    According to James Grein, in Metuchen and Newark McCarrick employed corrupted exorcists to assist him in communing with demons. One has to wonder if this continued in Washington.

    McCarrick's policy of sacrilegious Communion has continued unchanged under Wuerl and Gregory. So has the policy of baffle-gabbing, stiff-arming, and silencing anyone who asks a question about this mortal sin.


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