Sunday, July 12, 2020

Three Acts Of Persecution In The US - What We Must Do

On Saturday July11 2020, we saw three acts of arson against Catholic establishments.  The first happened in Ocala Florida when a man crashed his vehicle into Queen of Peace Catholic Church, then proceeded to light a fire with parishioners inside.  He then led the police on a chase and was apprehended.  This news page identifies the perpetrator as Steven Shields.  He is a white man.  If he had committed that crime against a black church, you may rest assured that riots would be ongoing even now.  However, the mainstream media's attitude is rather blase about it.  We have yet to learn a motive.

Across the country in California, the San Gabriel Mission Church was set ablaze.  It's an historical landmark at least 200 years old.  The roof is destroyed.  Because of the backlash of late against mission churches (alleging racism) the fire is under federal investigation.

That evening, in Dorcester Massachussetts, a statue of the Blessed Mother was set on fire.  Local police are investigating that as arson.

So that's three Catholic institutions in one day.  This has all the smell of a coordinated campaign.  Just last week Catholics were defending a statue of King St Louis IX against antifa and blm marauders.

Protestant establishments have also been targeted.  Recall that the historic St John's Church across from the White House was vandalized.  We hear also of Grace Baptist Church in Troy NY where mobs tried to block people from entering.

Below Taylor Marshall speaks of the first two incidents.  I think at the time he recorded this, the Massachusetts arson had not yet happened.  He talks of what he calls the three stages of persecution and describes these incidents quite well.  The persecution is real and I've no bones saying that those who deny its reality sin by their attempts to deceive themselves and each other with false comfort.  At the end, he suggests eight actions, some of them requiring men to take the lead.  Listen the whole way through and, as he suggested, please make news of these incidents go viral.  Our politically correct mainstream media will downplay them.


  1. Sheilds in Florida is a nut-case who heard voices telling him to blast the church.

    There are NO SIGNS OF ARSON in California---yet.

  2. Why do Catholics not march against hate crimes committed against them? Where is our Al Sharpton? Can an American cleric/prelate demonstrate any other emotion than hand-wringing?

    1. their hands are open to government money so hand wringing or other uses are a no no


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