Sunday, October 25, 2020

Archbishop Gregory Gets His Red Hat! Who's Surprised? Not me!

 In 2004, at the US bishops' meeting in Denver, Bishop Gregory, in his capacity as president of the USCCB, colluded with then-Cardinal McCarrick to withhold from their brother bishops a directive from then-Cardinal Ratzinger regarding Holy Communion.  See here and here.  That delay led the other bishops to believe that Canon 915 need not be applied to pro-abortion politicians.

At his first "Theology on Tap" session upon assuming the DC see, Archbishop Gregory has no bones about singing the praises of Fortunate Families, a dissident, gay-pandering organization.  Apparently he hobnobbed with them quite a bit during his time in Atlanta.

In June, when all the mayhem was erupting over the killing of George Floyd, Archbishop Gregory acted the part of the pompous, race-baiting ass.  He ordered his priests to join him in a protest prayer service on behalf of Floyd.  Then, when President Trump kept a long-standing commitment to visit the St John Paul II National Shrine, Gregory waxed indignant that Trump acted to restrain the rioters and arsonists.  Gregory called Trump's visit to the Shrine "reprehensible" although he himself had been invited to join earlier but politely declined.

These are just a few examples of how Archbishop Gregory has been toting water for his progressive higher-ups, including the ones in the Vatican.  They have displayed their approval in their just-announced plans to make him a cardinal next month.  

Ladies and gentlemen, we knew this was coming.  He was brought into DC specifically to do damage-control for his two predecessors as well as further the progressive agenda along.  He is simply getting a reward AND his appointment is just one more step in the pope's efforts to stack the College of Cardinals with those who will be likely to vote for a progressive to succeed him.  Their gain is the church's loss.

See below for more background on this soon-to-be prince of the Church.


  1. Just what the heretics ordered - one more whining crybaby of a man who sheds tears in public over every emotional whim disturbing his effeminate psyche.

  2. A protege of Mr. McCarrick--what a surprise-not. McCarrick: where is he? Is he living out a comfy lifestyle? Obviously his influence is still with us, evil influence that is.


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