Friday, January 15, 2021

MD State Senator Mike Miller Has Died - Pray That He Repented Before His Death - Lori Reacts Disgracefully

Thomas "Mike" Miller, who was a longtime President of the Maryland State Senate, died today.  Regrettably he was just another poster-boy of the pro-abortion katholyc crowd.  In 1991, he helped ram through Senate Bill 162, a bill that codified Roe v Wade in the State of Maryland.  When I say "rammed through", I do mean that he twisted arms to get that to happen.  We pro-life activists managed to get the thing petitioned to the ballot, but in liberal la-la land Maryland, it passed during the 1992 election.  Thanks largely to Mike Miller, Maryland is now an abortion hot-spot, attracting the likes of Leroy Carhart.

And yes, Miller claimed to be a Catholic.

Given Miller's anti-life and anti-God tenure in the State Senate, why, oh why, did Archbishop Lori see fit to pen this slobbering "tribute" to him?  Read it!  What little crumbs did Miller toss towards the church hierarchy to inspire Lori to make a fool of himself?  "Extraordinary legacy of leadership"?  "All he did for the Church"?  "Example of courage"?  Is that what Lori calls Miller's paving the way for largescale slaughter of babies in Maryland?  In all that drivel, I detected not one hint that we should pray for God's mercy on Miller's soul; that is Lori's largest dereliction of duty in penning that slop.

Miller just died today so I'm sure funeral arrangements haven't been formulated.  One positive aspect of the Covid hysteria is that it tends to discourage large public funerals.  We hope that is the case.  Of course prayers and Masses must be offered for his soul.  A private funeral would be most appropriate in this case.

Should Hogan make an exception for Miller (if he does, so much for equal treatment under the law) and should any Catholic clergy participate in some gaudy extravaganza, we may need to be present.  At any rate, let us pray for God's mercy on Miller's soul.

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  1. Lori sat in the bishop's chair at St. Matthews Cathedral in D.C. during the Mass for Supreme Court justice Walter Brennan, the real author of Roe v. Wade. While he didn't participate, his presence was silent consent to, in your words, the "slobbering" praise of Brennan. My own former associate pastor, a priest who always paid eloquent lip service to the babies, gave a "slobbering" eulogy in his homily. He had the man for eleven years as pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes in Arlington and described how much he learned from the man. Apparently Brennan learned little from him. I went outside and asked him if he thought about the babies when he was holding Brennan's great grandbaby at the wake (which he mentioned in the homily). How many other babies died gruesome deaths because of Brennan? The beat goes on with our shameful bishops. Cupich is a disgrace. It's no wonder our church is in such disarray with "shepherds" like him. God help us!


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