Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Not-At-All Catholic Reporter And Its Trump-Hating Temper Tantrums

Here's one of their pieces of horse-manure, sniffing that Catholics who supported President Trump need to (wait for it!) "confess our complicit in the failed coup".  They are shamelessly trying to make hay out of the violence that happened inside the Capitol.  It is unknown at this time just who instigated it, and why the Capitol Police actually opened the barriers to those people.  But left-wingers are not keen on letting facts get in the way of their pet presumptions.

They list a few Catholic leaders and alternative media outlets as "having blood on their hands" for daring to suggest the obvious - that the election was stolen not only from Donald Trump, but the millions of people that voted for him in a landslide.  I for one congratulate those organizations and individuals who drew the venom and ire of the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter; coming from them, such vituperation is a badge of honor.  

As an aside, another NCR whine-session took particular umbrage at Father John Zuhlsdorf.  Father has rightly dubbed NCR as "the fishwrap".  The author, Phyllis Zagano pouts because Father has criticized her and other dissidents.  Let us cry her a river.

They do let off with a few gems of pure silliness.  "a pro-life movement unwilling to exclaim 'black lives matter' is not a pro-life movement".  Oh, really?  Does that silly rag exclaim that all lives matter?  How about the black babies murdered via abortion?  How about the victims of black-on-black violence, or are those deaths only tragic if perpetrated by white criminals?

Then they have the audacity to call Joe Biden "a decent man".  Yes Biden - the guy who:

  • unabashedly pro-abortion
  • supporting the trashing of authentic marriage, to the point of officiating at a gay mockery of marriage
  • can't keep his hands off little girls
  • is in cahoots with his corrupt son Hunter
That list could be longer, but you get the point.  The NCR talks of the "long, arduous task".  Will Biden even be in office long enough to do anything long-term, or will the Camel take over in a matter of months?

I'll soon be dealing with DC's Catholic Sub-Standard.  I understand that they are belching forth similar noxious gases.


  1. Don't forget Biden the Lifeguard where black children, whom he called roaches ("...and I learned about roaches and kids jumping on my lap. I love kids jumping on my lap.") rubbed their hands down his legs in the pool because they liked to see his blond leg hairs pop back up. Creepy Joe. Where is Corn Pop when we need him?

  2. The stunning folly exhibited by the Democrats and their leftist partners in crime, will make for entertaining reading for history lovers in the future. The madness, like a caterpillar, has many legs, and it just keeps on crawling everywhere. To think that people are voluntarily drinking the kool aid that promises a healed counyry with Biden at the helm, is beyond preposterous, and one for the theater of the absurd. Somehow, one might think something big is looming on the horizon, for these lefties sure are frantic in overturning anything Trumpian.

  3. I once heard that liberalism is a form of mental illness, I now have no reason to dispute that.

    1. I highly recommend a book called "The Liberal Mind" by Lyle Rossiter. I think everyone will find in it lots of clues regarding the childishness that underlies liberalism.


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