Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Corrupt Clergy Endeavor To Keep Young People From Holy Mass

Apparently taking inspiration from Father Reese, Cardinal Cupich followed his example, and more.  He not merely lamented young people going to Mass, he forbade Catholic students at the University of Chicago from attending Mass - all to keep safe from covid cooties, of course!  Mind you, the administration of the University of Chicago didn't issue this prohibition; it was purely the machination of Cardinal Cupich.  Cupich didn't just forbid them from going to Mass on campus, but also at nearby churches.

The article to which I linked speaks eloquently of the spiritual starvation that Cupich is wreaking on the Catholic students.  Indeed Cupich is spiritually abusing his young flock.  The author is speaking from her own experience as she herself is a student of the University of Chicago and is currently feeling the effects of Cupich's callous disregard of his episcopal duties.  He has quite a list of his transgressions over his sorry excuse of priestly life, some of which overlap my own list.

I will now link to a response to Father Reese's snit-fit, but won't comment about it.  Enjoy!  What I will also suggest is that you listen to the video, featuring an exchange between Taylor Marshall and Father Chad Ripperger about the merits of the Mass, particularly the Traditional Latin Mass.  In the interview, Fr. Ripperger mentioned an article called "Merit of the Mass", to which I just linked.


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