Thursday, April 8, 2021

Nazis Run Alberta Providence In Canada

When I wrote my April 5th post, I neglected to mention that incident happened in Calgary within the province of Alberta.  Today we all received word of another incident of jack-boot behavior, this time in Spruce Grove, still within Alberta.  The church that is literally under siege by local police is Grace Life Church, pastored by James Coates.  

This pastor was recently jailed for not limiting the number of attendees at his church services.  He was recently released, but made clear that he did not intend to humor the little despots who currently occupy local government there.  Anticipating that Coates might engage in the dastardly deed of conducting church services, the local jack-boots erected a barricade around the perimeter of the church

My!  Alberta must be so free of petty little crimes - you know, teensy little nuisances like murder, rape, robbery, etc - that the police departments can focus their attention on the real nefarious threats like people praying in churches, listening to Bible readings and acting like normal people.

While Canada has, in the past, conducted itself like a free nation, I don't believe that they have anything like the Bill of Rights enshrined in their laws.  We do.  However, we have had incidents this past year.  Like Pastors Coates and Pawlowski in Canada, we must stand up to the tyrants, not violently but forcefully.  We must do the same with their enablers, even if those enablers wear clerical collars.

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  1. Check out "The Angry Albertan" and his excellent on site report. FYI, the outrage happened outside Edmonton.


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