Sunday, December 12, 2021

French Catholic Laypeople Defend Their Church Against Sacrilege

French Catholic laypeople have stepped up to the plate and protected a Catholic church from being used as a venue for a secular concert.  Indeed, the "singer" in question has been known to sing songs that overtly do homage to Satan.  God bless these laypeople for their willingness to stand for Our Lord and God bring the church personnel to repentance, and punishment if need be, for giving their permission for that planned sacrilege.  Here is a report, with some video of the protest.  I note with happiness that there appears to be at least one Roman collar amidst the faithful Catholics.

Eight years ago, a similar situation happened in Argentina, where Catholics banded together to protect their cathedral from being vandalized by a gaggle of feminists and perverts.  Here is a report.

Just last week in Washington DC, a statue of Mary was vandalized at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  The days are swiftly approaching when we will have to put our bodies on the line to defend our churches against godless vandals and even godless clergy.  Who will be ready to do so?

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