Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Desmond Tutu - Pray That He Repented Before He Died

Non serviam!
Desmond Tutu, a prominent South African who first won acclaim by fighting apartheid in South Africa, passed away Sunday December 26 at the age of 90.  While some hold him to be a bishop, I will not concede to that designation, as he was Anglican and their so-called "bishops" do not claim apostolic succession.  In fact, he was, in many ways, the antithesis of a true bishop.  While this AP article lauds him as "South Africa's moral conscience", one must wonder just what kind of "conscience" would dare utter what you see to the right.

Think about what he said.  He quite literally said that he'd rather go to hell than honor God and his laws regarding sexuality and marriage.  He echoed Lucifer's "non serviam"!  We can only pray that he repented of these words before he died lest that wicked desire of his was granted.  None too surprisingly, he was also pro-abortion and pro-contraception.  

Therefore, in light of all this, we deplore the conduct of the Archbishop of Baltimore as he gushes and slobbers the dubious praises of Tutu the pretend-bishop.  I haven't seen anything similar yet from the Archdiocese of Washington or the USCCB, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they too sing the praises of this man who voiced preference for hell over heaven.  Should we pray for him?  Of course!  But that doesn't mean we lionize him.


  1. Tutu eas alsi Anti-Western. He said the West could go to hell.

  2. For the record, Anglican 'bishops' DO claim Apostolic Succession, in fact quite vociferously. In reality, of course, they do not possess it and haven't since the last Catholic Bishop died after Henry VIII's split from the Catholic Church, the Church of Christ. In fact, I'm a former Anglican, and my 'bishop' was a proud possessor of an illuminated chart showing his 'Apostolic Succession' back to Christ.

    1. I'm sure they do claim stuff that just isn't reality. Meanwhile, not only did they pave the way for divorce at their inception but at their diabolical Lambeth Conference of 1930 they paved the way for contraception and ultimately abortion. I also believe they were the first to admit both women and gays into their clergy. Their clergy has no real basis, but still they affirmed what Christ never allowed.


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