Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Brunson V Adams - Action Needed NOW

Anyone with two brain cells firing in syncopation knows that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.  Moreover, last month several elections were also stolen: Kari Lake in Arizona, Neil Parrott in Maryland, etc.  We can whine and cry about it till the cows come home.  But now some hope appears over the horizon to address the corruption that, if it remains unfettered, will reduce us to voiceless slaves of an oligarchy.  The question is, will we seize it and work with it?

Several brothers from Utah, ordinary citizens like the bulk of us here, have filed suit against the members of Congress who abdicated their duty to properly certify the Presidential election and let the fraud proceed unopposed.  The case is known as Brunson v Adams.  On January 6 2023, that is, in less than two weeks, the US Supreme Court will consider whether or not to hear this case.  Only four justices need to vote favorably in order for the case to move forward.  Note the case number 22-380.

This case, if heard and subsequently voted in favor of the Brunsons, could well cause the ouster of Biden, Harris, and those members of Congress listed therein who voted for certification without addressing the serious and well-founded allegations of irregularities that were brought to their attention prior to certification.  However, the intention of the Brunsons is not so much to alter the election as it is to deal with the rot and corruption that has infested our election mechanisms.

Here is the Petition for a Writ of Certiatorari as filed with the US Supreme Court.  It is this that will be considered in a matter of days.  The defendants simply refused to do their constitutional duty.  Yes, there are a lot of "usual suspects", but other surprise me.  Rand Paul??  Here's some explanatory commentary; more can be found by just googling "Brunson v Adams".

I will direct your attention to this piece with a call for necessary action by us all.  They suggest that we all write letters to the US Supreme Court and send copies to the Brunsons.  Addresses and some sample language are here.  Please do so NOW.  Time is of the essence here.

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  1. The possibility of eliminating, in one stroke, the major corruption in our federal government is just so amazing that, regardless of the chance of success, it must be supported. If the Supreme Court finally votes in favor of this lawsuit, it would create a political earthquake. Therefore it is vital that the Supreme Court receive massive support for their action so as not to let fear cause the justices to shirk from their duty.


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