Monday, March 13, 2023

The German Catholic Church - Into The Pits, Or The Groove?

We see some of the rotten fruits of "synodality" as the German bishops vote to "bless" same-sex shack-ups.   The word "blessed" is in quotes for in reality sinful acts cannot be blessed by any stretch of the imagination.  These errant bishops are also tinkering with the ideas of women "priests" and whether or not clergy should be celibate.  Now it remains to be seen whether or not Francis, who today celebrates 10 years after he took over the chair of Peter, will do anything about it.  Will he be at least as decisive with this cabal as he was so quick to throttle the Mass of the Ages?  I regret we know the answer to that.

Not to be outdone by their superiors, some of the German clergy are joining in on the mockery of their priestly vows and dignity.  I don't know the name or precise location of this priest and parish.  He decided to deliver a homily by rapping it - complete with chain and skewed cap.  In other words, he's behaving like an adolescent jackass.  Observe...

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