Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stephen Schneck - Key Reason To Boycott Tomorrow's CUA Collection

Stephen Schneck is director of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholics Studies at Catholic University of America.  He's also co-chair for Catholics for Obama.  Listen to this PBS interview in which he talks about the "complex Catholic vote" as he tries to conjure for dissident "katholycs" some imaginary "wiggle room" to justify a vote for the rabidly pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Barack Hussein Obama.

At about 2:40 he utters nonsense about Obama "championing public policies that address needs of poor, working class, especially as it relates to life issues".  Really?  How so?  If he has in mind the funneling of our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood so that minorities can be duped into murdering their babies, that is not true "championing".  He claims that "appeals to Catholics".  No, it appeals to katholycs; there IS a difference!

The whole interview is loaded with error, all based on absolute disregard for the humanity of the unborn child.  Watch for yourselves.  I'm glad he "has a hard time with the blanket pro-choice position", but not hard enough apparently.  Too bad - for the babies and perhaps even for his immortal soul.

On ETWN's World Over with Raymond Arroyo, Schneck appeared as a guest on Sept 6 and was interviewed by Arroyo.  His portion appears at the 10:15 mark of the video below.  I give Arroyo credit for holding Schneck's feet to the fire.  Schneck clearly squirms.  At 27:07, when Arroyo states that without cutting budget rates of increase that social-net programs may go defunct, Schneck states he is "confident" that they won't go defunct.  What part of reality confuses him?  Schneck harped continually about the "Ryan budget cutting Medicaid - notwithstanding that Obama raided Medicaid to the tune of $7billion plus to pay for Obamacare.  At 30:00, Schneck is either lying outright or displaying naivete unbecoming a university professor when he replies to an email inquiry that he doesn't believe Obama is advocating for abortion and other intrinsic evils.  What did he think Obama was doing when he addressed Planned Parenthood?   He goes on to opine that the budget cuts are a greater evil than abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.  Yikes!  Why does Catholic University of America continue to retain him?

I'll post the video now, but will have some follow-up comments below it.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

On August 26th and September 2nd I broached the idea of boycotting this weekend's CUA collection.  Once again I strongly suggest it.

By the way - here's an excellent article from Catholic Online that expounds upon some of the points that Arroyo was trying to make.

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