Friday, April 22, 2016

Michael Voris Discloses Past Sins, Forestalls Archdiocese Of New York Scandalmongering

Yesterday Michael Voris released a Vortex in which he laid bare some details of past sins before his return to the Faith.  While he asked for our forgiveness for not being forthcoming earlier, I believe that requires no forgiveness for it was no wrongdoing on his part to be silent on that matter.  He dealt properly with those sins within the Sacrament of Confession.  That was all that was needed to restore him to a state of spiritual life and sanctifying grace.  He was under no moral obligation whatsoever to reveal his past sins anymore than any other Catholic would be.

He apparently revealed what he did because he had reason to believe that persons within the Archdiocese of New York were planning to leak these details in an effort to discredit him and his apostolate.  The last time I checked, that was known as the sin of detraction.

I just read a comment on another blog in which the writer of that comment warned that Voris better have good evidence of that.  Being an investigative reporter himself, I'm sure Voris understands the necessity for solid evidence.  However, we all know there is demonstrated precedence that supports any suspicion that the Archdiocese of New York is capable of such thuggish behavior.  Please recall the treatment that the Archdiocese of New York meted out to Father Justin Wylee; for a memory-refresher, see here.   More of Dolan's chicaneries can be found here.  Some are so egregious that New York Catholics filed suit against him.  If one thinks Cardinal Dolan wouldn't stoop to dredging old sins against Voris, I'd suggest they think again.

What Michael Voris did yesterday took quite a bit of courage.  Not too many people would want their mortal sins being made public; I sure wouldn't.  I was particularly struck by his faith and gratitude to God and His Church for Sacramental Grace won by the Cross of Christ.  Let us pray that this move does knock the wind out of New York sails and that Church Militant continues its work.


  1. If anyone is stunned that a human being has a sinful past, or even a sinful present, they are not living in the real world. But the big story is, who in the ADNY is trying to cause him harm. Of course, the other "story" is that such a one has worked so hard to amend his life and has such an obvious deep love for the Church. This is what I call, "Good News."

  2. I absolutely have TREMENDOUS respect for what Michael Voris did to 'beat the ADNY at their own game'. That took a mammoth amount of courage, humility and total love for Christ in His Church. I haven't always agreed with him with his stance on the SSPX and 'no criticism of a sitting Pope' but I have never doubted his dedication to the faith. Prayers for him and CM

  3. Agreed. However, in hindsight, think how much more effective his critiques on the queer life style in and out of the priesthood could of been, had he mention he was once one of them. A little understandable lapse in judgement that we all make once in a while.

    1. The timing is a tough call...I think Michael did the right thing, like St. Paul he was not too specific about what exactly his " thorn in the flesh" was.
      Others have disclosed the "whole truth" only have it contradicted or added to by the opposition. There can also be a vicariousness excited in the listeners and new temptations to the speaker when they think and talk about grave past sins and sinful relationships in detail.
      The present seems a good time for Michael to have disclosed this information when he became aware that the opposition was just about to clobber him for
      attacking one of the most serious problems in Church and State in our lifetime.


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