Thursday, April 21, 2016

More On The Richards Debacle At Georgetown

When Georgetown announced the Richards talk, they made it clear that only Georgetown students and faculty/staff would be admitted.  They did not even allow the press into the hall and there was no recording allowed.  Doesn't that make you wonder just what Georgetown was trying to hide?  If the Richards presentation was on the up-and-up, why the secrecy?  Whatever happened to the free exchange of ideas?

One of the Georgetown Right to Life members attended the thing and tweeted as she listened.  So some of the deep, dark secret proceedings of the event are now known.  See here for some more tweets.  Richard put down the video exposes of the Center for Medical Progress.  Poor dear!  She probably feels that her income from the murders of babies might dry up as a result of the truth being told.  The tweeting student also exposed the Georgetown Lecture Funds as pro-abortion hacks.  Apparently the leader of that bunch claimed that "god is pro-choice".  Either she blasphemed the One True God or the "god" she worships is a blood-sucking demon.  See here for the information on this lecture fund.

An article from Prison Planet details the treatment that both pro-life activists and the media received at the hands of Georgetown staff.  Again, one wonders of what they were afraid.  I for one think they resented us rebuking them as they once again played the prostitute before the Culture of Death and its agents.  Pay close attention to that last video at the bottom, where the pro-life woman (a friend of mine, by the way) is finding herself stifled, much as I was.  At 1:09, note the woman at the extreme left, in the background.  This is the same woman who shooed me into the "protest pen", stating that I couldn't distribute the flyer that you saw on my post yesterday.  I also couldn't help but notice the two other police officers in the background.  Either they really saw one woman with an "offensive" banner as a dire threat or they were all extremely bored.  Either way it's a disgrace that Cecile Richards was granted a forum in which she could legitimize herself and her murderous organization while those proclaiming Christ's teachings were stifled on an ostensibly Catholic campus.

As I said in my flyer, the Richards debacle was by no means the first time that Georgetown prostituted itself before the culture of death.  It won't be the last, either.

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