Friday, September 9, 2016

Prayers Of Thanksgiving For These Bishops

Over the past few days reports have come in regarding three US bishops who have been taking stands to restore Tradition in the Church.

First, let's touch upon Bishop Robert Morlino of the Diocese of Madison (WI).  In accordance with Cardinal Sarah's directive, he announced his decision to offer all his Masses ad orientem - that is, facing the altar and not the congregation.  Moreover, he made that announcement with respect to Masses in the Ordinary Form.  According to 1P5, when the bishop made that announcement, it was plain to him that the congregation was happy to hear that.

Another bishop who has offered Masses ad orientem is Bishop James Conley of the Diocese of Lincoln (NE).  His diocese, as a result of his fidelity to tradition (and similar fidelity of his predecessor, Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz) has resulted in a large number of men aspiring to the priesthood in his diocese.  In an interview to Catholic World Report, he attributes the large number of vocations to fidelity to tradition and to the prayers of cloistered nuns.  As I read the article, I was struck with the revelation that Bishop Conley participated in Operation Rescue during its early days.  Read the article for some cogent words of his regarding the current political and cultural situation of the United States.

The final bishop that we'll consider for now is Archbishop John Myers of the Newark archdiocese.  After one of his priests came out as gay and started shilling for the lgbt agenda, the archbishop disciplined him by suspending him.  Father Hall can no longer offer public Mass nor can he present himself as a priest.  The priest seems to have had his nose thrown out of joint, judging from his tweets.  Let us pray that he repents, lest he endanger his immortal soul.

Let us pray for these prelates, that they stand firm against the sniping that they might well be enduring from some of their more progressive brothers.  Let us pray, furthermore that others emulate their examples.

By the way - here's a video contrasting Mass offered in the Tridentine Rite against, well, I'm not sure what those debacles were.  Which one do you think will attract solid vocations?


  1. As Hilary White says: Two. Different. Religions.

  2. PS - can you share the Youtube URL for this video? It's a keeper!

    1. What you can do is,as it is playing click on the YouTube icon at the bottom. That will take you to that page.

  3. Duh!!! Learn something new every day.....thank you!


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