Saturday, September 17, 2016

Raymond Arroyo And Robert Royal On The Amoralis Lamentia Allowance For Sacrilege


  1. Robert Royal finally has his confirmation on the Pope's 'clarity' on A.L. And Fr. Murray has for some time been 'clear' on what Francis' intent is. I think more and more people are finally waking up to the realization of what this Pope is all about. Holy Schmoly!! Took them long enough! I think the 'denial' factor is beginning to dissipate. With this letter to the Bishops from Francis, it's now CRYSTAL CLEAR, or at least should be! Brace yourself for his visit to Lund on Halloween. I find that date to be pretty significant.

  2. It seems a bit of machismo. "If your partner makes you have sex, you are less culpable for adultery and can go to Communion." So the Church appears to side with abusive men. Or "if your partner threatens you with loss of support for the family if you don't have sex, you are less culpable." Talk about encouraging women to stay in bad situations!!!!


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