Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Pope IS Trying To Allow Unrepentant Adulterers To Receive Holy Communion

LifeSiteNews (and others) published letters from the pope in which he stated quite plainly that there was no other way to interpret Amoris Laetitia but to admit that it does call for adulterers to be admitted to Holy Communion.  See the two LifeSite posts here and here,   Vox Cantoris links to the Vatican sites.  I have written on AL, and have explained why I redubbed it "Amoralis Lamentia".

Here we see that the pope is attempting to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion without requiring that they repent and live as brother and sister, e.g. without requiring that they cease their adultery.  In doing so, he thumbs his nose at the teachings of Our Lord Himself for the sake of deadly sentimentality.  Deadly?  Yes, for he would affirm the adulterous couple as they continue in their mortal sins AND as they compound those sins with the sin of sacrilege - that of receiving Holy Communion unworthily.

One key charge of the Vicar of Christ is to safeguard the Deposit of Faith.  Right now this present pontiff seems intent on mutilating the Deposit to shreds beyond recognition.  Please take off the rose-colored glasses, pray and speak out.


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    1. Excellent question! One essential element of the sacrament is contrition: the resolve to "sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin". I was taught that without that essential element, there is no valid confession and that might itself constitute a sacrilegious confession.

    2. @Restore-DC-Catholicism Thank you! God bless you and yours and his work at your hands.


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