Monday, February 12, 2018

A New Name For The Pontifical Academy For Life

Let's call it by something more accurate.  How about "Pontifical Acrimony Against Life"?  I believe that describes the mindsets of those who now infest that once-useful organization.  See these posts for more background: this, this, this, this.

Now we see that a Jewish rabbi who sits on that council has claimed that Scripture allows for abortion in the cases of:
  • Life of mother being endangered
  • Anencephaly or other poor fetal diagnosis
  • Rape
Why, oh why, is a Jewish rabbi sitting on a council that is intended to inform Catholic thought?  What are his "stellar" qualifications?  Absolutely none, as he has made clear.

He has committed blasphemy by insinuating that God's word permits murder.  Given the make-up of this pontificate, it is safe to assume that Rabbi Szlajen will retain the council seat that should never have been given to him.  How on earth can fidelity to Catholic teaching be expected from someone who does not accept the fullness of Catholic faith and doctrine?  The linked article briefly touches upon the pro-death leanings of other members of the newly-warped Academy.  Their teachings are false and are spiritually poisonous.

We must now be wary of anything that proceeds from the Vatican while continuing to pray and speak out for Jesus Christ and His Teachings.

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  1. Don't blame a Rabbi for promoting the official Jewish position on abortion, which is much stricter than the US's laws permit. The blame lies with Pope Francis for appointing someone who, of course, woukd follow the dictates of his own faith.


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