Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A Door-To-Door Shot Campaign! Will The Goons Bang On Your Door?

The video below, by itself, is not germane to the point of this post, but the music will help set the tone for what will follow.  So click on it and while it is playing, read the post below the video.  You'll see for yourselves just how appropriate is the music.

It seems that with the US starting to resemble pre-Covid normalcy (even with Plugs and the Camel in the White House), the progressives are noticing that people aren't living in fear as they were this time last year (although many still insist on wearing the face-diapers).  Well, they just can't have people living like free folks!  How else will the Falsy-bunch control every facet of their lives?

Enter a new boogy-bug, called "delta variant".  Doesn't that sound oh so scary?  News flash!  Viruses mutate all the time!  Anyway, to combat this new bunch of cooties, Plugs et al will be "encouraging" us to endanger our health and commit mortal sin by allowing them to inject goop into our bodies.  Mind you, this stuff was engineered using the bodies of murdered children.

Doesn't all this "encouraging" sound familiar?  Oh, yes!  Less than two months ago, Marc Elrich, Biden's Montgomery County counterpart, salivated over the prospect of conducting his own jack-boot campaign in Montgomery County!  Ladies and gentlemen, shall we give them a rousing "seig heil"?   None of these gestapo wanna-bees will be granted admittance onto my property!


  1. But what about "dialogue "?
    They just want to "accompany" you wayward sheep!

  2. I think it was the Leo Holmann website that had feedback from attorneys, a few of them. They said we have rights, and that everyone should put up "No Trespassing" signs on their property. Doing that in a visible place allows you to tell people who are on your property, "You are trespassing. Leave immediately or I will call the police". Do not give them information. You do not need to discuss your personal medical information with anyone. That is between you and your doctor. We have already given them too much information. When polls were coming out that showed it was likely Trump voters that were not getting the vaccine, the writing was on the wall. They know who they are coming after. Hopefully people will not give these goons a reason to go Ruby Ridge on Americans who simply don't want an injection, which is their Constitutional and human right to decide not to get. Americans need to demand and assert their rights as Americans. If good Americans cower and hide in their basements, we may not get to keep our Republic as we have known it. Want to pass it along to your kids and grandkids? Time to stand up.
    Oh, even if you don't have a sign up yet, you can just tell someone they are trespassing and they need to leave immediately. That is sufficient. Don't answer questions.

    1. Thank you. I saw that too and plan to blog on it very soon.


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