Thursday, July 8, 2021

When The Storm-Trooper-Wannabees Come Stomping To Your Door

Recall that you are United States citizens with rights.  These progressives are serving evil, whether or not they realize it.  Therefore, it would not only be imprudent, but downright sinful to acquiesce to their intrusive interrogations.  Recall the Nine Ways of cooperating with sin.  If we don't stand up and resist these thugs, they'll demand more and more from everyone.

Some good people are stepping up to the plate and are advising us of preventative measures that we can take.  I link now to one very informative article from Leo Hohmann, who has some very good suggestions.  I urge all to read it and will buttress his ideas with a few suggestions that I read elsewhere.  First, your sign, in addition to saying "No Trespassing", should also say "No Soliciting".  Or these can be two separate signs.  At any rate, they should be prominent, plainly visible.

If at all possible, don't open your door.  If at all possible, open a nearby window (or one on the second floor of your home).  Do NOT engage them in conversation or that can be construed as welcoming them to your property.  Simply point out what your signs say, reminding them that they are trespassing and that you will call the police if they don't immediately depart.  End the conversation right then and there.  If they don't leave, then call the police.  Remember that bluffing is a sin against honesty.  Be polite but firm, and remain in control of any interaction, keeping it brief.  Do not divulge or confirm any personal information whatsoever.

Do not let your emotions overrule your intellect.  It's quite possible that these people have friends in the background, just waiting to film a temper-tantrum on you part.  Don't give them that opportunity.  Speaking of filming, please record your interactions.  Zoom on their faces and any identifying information (such as badges and sleeve insignas).  If their cars are nearby, record them with license plates.  If any reporters are accompanying them, get them on your recording devices as well.

Along with praying our Rosaries, we must act with courage and resolve.  If we don't use our God-given civil rights, we will lose them.  I will post more news and ideas as I learn of them.


  1. But Janet, what about "dialog" and "accompanying"?

  2. Where is Biden going to find enough people to visit millions of homes? I suspect he will call on the military.

  3. But...but whatever happened to "my body, my choice"?

  4. I've had the covid flu or China flu or wuhan or whatever.. I've had worse.

    I am not getting the vaccination.

  5. Janet, thanks for this....all very good suggestions. Along with others, I'm not sure he will be able to find enough people to carry out this Nazi like directive, but if he can, Americans must stand firm for their constitutional rights, or...........we will absolutely loose them all.

  6. What I'm afraid of is people giving them information they can use. Do not discuss your no doubt very good reasons for not getting the injections. You as an American citizen, do not need to explain yourself to anyone. This is between you and your doctor. You are not going to convince them of anything, nor should you. I am very concerned about frustrated Americans ratcheting up confrontations out of righteous frustration. These people are perhaps hoping for that, don't give it to them. Don't give them a reason to amp up the force. Play chess, not checkers.

    1. Excellent advice. Close the door in their faces. Call the police if they persist. Record the interaction. Get their pictures as well as pictures of their cars and plates.


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