Thursday, July 29, 2021

McCarrick To Go To Criminal Court Over Rape Charges

 From LifeSiteNews

This was a long time coming.  At last there is a glimmer of hope for justice.  The man bringing these charges is just one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of young men preyed upon by the disgraced ex-cleric.  I would hope there is real punishment, including time behind bars.  The realist in me says that won't happen because McCarrick may well be able to blackmail key people - certainly his fellow cleric-perverts.  Still, I'm glad at least one man had the ability and determination to pursue justice.

As far as McCarrick is concerned, we must pray for his final conversion and repentance.  All indicators point to a dismal eternity for him IF he doesn't repent of his many crimes and make a good, sincere Confession.  He is an old man with not too much time left before his particular judgment.

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