Sunday, January 2, 2022

Archdiocese Of Chicago - A Trial Run At Quashing The Mass Of The Ages?

Below are two Christmas Midnight Masses that happened in Chicago last week.  The first is one that happened at St Sabina, "pastored" for eleven years by Father Michael Pfleger.  I've written much about him in the past.  Truth be told, he's a nut-job.  Well, what else do you call someone who claims to be against gun violence, but then called for a gun shop owner to be snuffed?  His words, not mine. 

In this anthology of posts about "Snuffy" Pfleger (my new nickname for him, for aforementioned reasons) you'll see some of his Masses that are nothing more than garish extravaganzas.  This Christmas mass follows along that pattern.  I use the word "mass" loosely for there is such disregard for the most basic rubrics that I'm not sure the Eucharist was confected and thus not sure real masses took place.

This clip is over two hours long.  It is replete with loud band music, strobe lights waving all over the place, the ubiquitous liturgical dancers twirling and prancing hither and yon, etc.  I'd advise you not to try to watch the whole thing, unless you have the stomach for it.  The Consecration (or charade of consecration) takes place at the latter half.

The other clip is from St John Cantius.  It is a solemn high Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  It is reverent.  All attention is directed to Our Lord and the Holy Sacrifice.  True worship of God, and of God alone, is taking place.  That is precisely why the progressives want this Mass obliterated.

So why am I and others directing so much attention to the Archdiocese of Chicago?  It's because Cardinal Cupich issued a policy that basically directs the long knives at the Traditional Latin Mass - not the gaudy hooplas at St Sabina, but at Traditional Latin Masses such as those conducted at St. John Cantius.  Consider that Cupich's policies were announced in Vatican News.  That fact alone indicates that what Cupich is doing may well be at the behest of the Vatican as a "trial balloon", if you will.  Scroll to the bottom of this link to see a pdf outlining Cupich's restrictions.

To reiterate what I said in another post...  Traditionis Custodes is NOT to be obeyed.  It is immoral and sacrilegious on its face.  This is the oath that all popes take when they are coronated.  How is Traditionis Custodes not in violation of this?  We will continue to attend the Tradtional Latin Mass.  Those of my readers who attend the Novus Ordo should consider supporting the continuance of this Mass and to combat any deviation from the General Instructions for the Roman Missal.  I'd also urge you to attend at least one of the Traditional Latin Masses.

It is difficult to predict the future, not only because of the pope's obvious animus towards the Mass of the Ages but because of the governmental tyranny that encroaches under the guise of "combatting Covid".  But as so many of our ancestors did before us, by the grace of God we will ensure that the Mass does not die, even if we must do so in spite of our prelates.

Father Pfleger's sorry excuse for a "mass".  Please take in small doses for your own sanity.

Traditional mass at St John Cantius.  Note the reverence and the worship - a vast improvement over the circus that you saw above.


  1. From the parish's website:

    "... We invite you to accompany us on this discernment by joining us in a Rosary novena, beginning January 25, 2022. We will pray that the Virgin Mother, who said ‘yes’ to our Lord, helps us follow the will of her Son, and the Church He founded. We will observe these nine days ending on the Feast of Her Purification, Candlemas Day. Throughout this novena, our hearts will be fixed on Mary’s—whose heart was also pierced—and who will ultimately say to us, as she told the wedding guests at Cana, pointing to her Son: “Do whatever He tells you.”

    Prayerfully in Christ,

    Very Rev. Joshua S. Caswell, SJC"

    May we all join them in our prayers, shower these priests and this parish, as well as ALL priests and all parishes with prayers.

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  3. It's clear that Snuffy is no longer Catholic and that his "Mass" is protestant, since "Mass" is listed as "Worship Service" on St Sabina's website. That Snuffy's revolting worship service is allowed in Cupich's diocese with no word of correction, but the Mass of the Ages is not, reveals the left's Satanic hatred of Jesus Christ. As in ages past, it all comes down to the Real Presence on the altar during the Mass. This must not be allowed, for fear people will believe in the One True God, and not the world, the flesh and the devil! The Blessed Mother said, "Do whatever He tell you", but as much as I love the Canons Regular at St John Canisius, they must know exactly who HE is in order to obey Him. Is HE represented by Bergoglio? Is Cupich to be obeyed because he represents HIM? Who the hell is the Pope these days? Who holds the KEYS? Meanwhile, thank God for Archbishop Lefebvre who stated time and again that the Snuffys of the Church would do exactly what they are doing and he would have none of it. Thank God for the SSPX where my soul is fed the Truth of the Ages in the Mass of the Ages. Snuffy, Bergoglio, Cupich et all will be surprised when they die and stand before Christ Who is actually there ... before them. Then will their recalcitrant souls be rendered God's full justice instead of mercy because "did they love Him?" The answer to that is obvious. No.


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