Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Cupich Persecutes Father Bus After Committing Idolatry On New Year's Eve

Father James Altman demands, at the 1:00 mark, that Cardinals Cupich and Gregory "turn in their red hats".  

In regards to Cardinal Gregory, he is referring to this stunt that Cardinal Gregory and then-Cardinal McCarrick pulled in 2004.  Later in the clip, he states that evil has entered into the hearts of many prelates, for how else could they facilitate the public sacrilege of pro-aborts receiving Holy Communion?

Let's take a closer look at Cardinal Cupich, shall we?  Two weeks ago I posted that Cupich seems to be the designated poster boy for the pope's insidious attempts to quash the Latin Mass.  In that post is video of the raucous debauchery that Father "Snuffy" Pfleger called a "Christmas Eve Mass". 

Recently, Father Anthony Bus. pastor of St Stanislaus Kostka parish asked the Chicago see for permission to offer Holy Mass ad orientem.  Permission was denied.  Father Bus replied with an open letter on January 13 acknowledging that he would be obedient to the directives, but also expressing his disappointment at the decision.  In that letter he spelled out his reasons.  Before you proceed with further reading of this post, I ask you to read completely Father Bus's open letter.

Apparently the Chicago chancery took umbrage at that letter; that is to say, their guilty consciences were stung - much like the consciences of those who immediately after hearing St Stephen, stoned him.  On January 17th, Father Bus wrote another open letter detailing the mischief meted out to him by Bishop Lombardo.  Note that Father says that Canon 1373 was cited against him.  Perhaps I should say was misused against him.  We all knew that is precisely why Pope Francis stuck that poorly worded thing in canon law, and here we have a prime example of its intended purpose.  So now Father is being sent to some hinterland to "reflect on his priesthood", whatever the hell that means!  It is very reminiscent of what happened in my own parish nearly ten years ago.

One Mad Mom has an excellent take on this situation.  Her reference to Father Martin is no doubt occasioned by this, written after Bishop Strickland defended Father Bus.

So, according to Cupich, Father Bus and the priests of St John Cantius are to be stifled, while he himself can be the principal celebrant at a pagan Chinese New Year ceremony?  Check out this write-up, complete with video.  Cupich's attempts to quash the Mass of the Ages is most likely a feeble attempt to justify his own blatant idolatry.

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  1. Very reminiscent also of what happened to the pastor of St. John Cantius, Fr. Phillips. Wasn't he also sent for a "retreat" of contempllation? We've never seen him since. I pray that doesn't also happen to Fr. Bus but I fear it will.


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