Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Cardinal Gregory Repeats Skullduggery Of 2004 USCCB Meeting

Two weeks ago, Archbishop Gomez, current USCCB president, announced his intentions to discuss whether or not pro-abortion politicians should be admitted to Holy Communion.  It was reported that Cardinal Ladaria, current head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, advised against it.  In fact, he advised that the body of bishops come to consensus - meaning that they would have to discuss the matter.  The whole business of Ladaria trying to squelch the topic appears to be a wild interpretation of what he actually said.  I regret that two weeks ago, I didn't catch onto their duplicity.  There is reason to believe that Ladaria issued that directive at the request of Cardinals Tobin and Cupich.  One could suspect that wasn't exactly what Tobin and Cupich wanted to hear.

Perhaps Tobin and Cupich took cues from Cardinal Gregory and MISTER McCarrick.  In 2004, during the USCCB meeting in Dallas, then-Cardinal Ratzinger, then head of the CDF, issued "Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion" and directed that it be read during that meeting.  Gregory and McCarrick conspired to conceal the real letter and issued a deliberate misrepresentation of that letter, implying that it was up to individual bishops to make those determinations in their own locales.

Now some progressive prelates, among them Cardinals Cupich and Gregory, are attempting to recreate the deception that Gregory himself perpetrated seventeen years ago..  They and sixty+ of their colleagues wrote a letter to Gomez with the intent of preventing such a conversation at their June meeting.   Gregory already said that he won't deny Biden Holy Communion.  It seems like Gregory in particular has an odd pattern of thumbing his nose at the CDF. 

We don't know who the 60+ other prelates are, who are trying to stonewall discussion about the denial of Holy Communion to proabortion politicians, outside of Gregory, Cupich and O'Connor.  We know who some aren't, besides the obvious exception of Gomez himself.  Bishop Paprocki has stated that this issue must be faced.  Archbishop Cordilione and Archbishop Aquila stated the same.

Truth be told, Canon 915 is crystal clear and really requires no "discussion", just obedience.  But I suppose they think that if they can stonewall "discussion", they can stonewall obedience.  Do they really think God will continue to be mocked like that?


  1. Not related to this piece but a couple of upcoming events I thought you might want to let your readers know about Free conference host by the Lepanto Institute First ever prolife march for men in DC.


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