Wednesday, August 2, 2023

New Head of Catholic Charities USA Will Continue Left-Leaning Directions

Catholic Charities USA selected its new President and Chief Executive Officer.  Her name is Kerry Alys Robinson.  Judging from that write-up, it appears that she will help propel Catholic Charities down to its progressive abys.  She is replacing Sister Donna Markam, who will soon retire.  She hails from the Leadership Roundtable, which is fraught with its own left-wing influences.  She was a member of the national committee for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, about which I and other Catholic bloggers have written copiously.

Let's look at some of her new colleagues at Catholic Charities USA.  There's Keith Styles, the Executive Vice President, General Council and Chief Operating Officer.  He has quite the record for political contributions, donating regularly to ActBlue and to "Hillary for America" in 2016.  John Kerry received $1,000.00 when he ran in 2004.

Bill Gangluff, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, a graduate of Notre Dame, also contributed frequenly to ActBlue.  

All in all, we have ample reason to believe that Catholic Charities will continue to champion left-wing ideologies, and they'll most likely continue to facilitate the crashing of our southern borders.  Catholic Charities remains another "catholicized" slush fund that doesn't deserve our collection dollars.

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  1. Catholic Charities as well as other "religious charities" get substantial sums from the government . It has become a racket in the hands of a seditious left wing coterie.


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