Sunday, August 20, 2023

Those Faithful To Tradition? Out! Pimps In The Vatican? Welcome!

I have just become aware of a situation in Arlington, Texas, where a monastery of Discalced Carmelite nuns are being harassed by the local bishop (diocese of Fort Worth).  This follows the pattern established by this pope of persecuting those orders faithful to the Traditional rites.  Apparently their property is not owned by the local church so the nuns have banned the bishop and his lackeys from coming onto their property.  See more detail here; within that page is a link to a statement issued by Archbishop Vigano who states his support for the nuns and their position.

Meanwhile in Canada, a former nun of the order of Dominicans of the Holy Spirit, founded by an ally of Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre, was dismissed by Cardinal Marc Ouellet.  The dismissal decree cited her "evil spirit" but gave no specific reasons for the allegation.  This occurred after an apostolic visit by an abbot close to Ouellet.  The prioress of the monastery is also allied with Ouellet.

Contrast these cases with the appointment of Eugenio Zaffaroni to a Vatican position to shill for unbridled immigration.  Like several others, he is an Argentine, as is Francis.  It was discovered that as recently as ten years ago, he was running a string of apartments that were used for prostitution.  To put it bluntly, he was a brothel pimp.  Now this isn't just a case of a shady character wheedling his way to the Vatican.  Unbridled immigration has been used as a cloak for sex trafficking.  Zaffaroni has ties to prostitution.  Connect the dots.

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