Tuesday, August 8, 2023

World Youth Day Is Over - But The Mess Continues

Yes, World Youth Day 2023 has (mercifully) drawn to a close.  As you can see, the organizers are packing up their stuff until next year.  Uh.. wait a minute!

Does that include the Blessed Sacrament?  Yes, that is where the organizers of the World Youth Dumpster-Fire have saw fit to keep the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord.  This is sacrilege, pure, simple and inexcusable.  I believe those young people on the right are in adoration, and I hope that adoration is sufficient to serve as reparation for the sacrilege.  If we wonder why people no longer believe in the Real Presence, it is because Our Lord is treated so carelessly and flippantly: passing Him around in paper bowls as though the Hosts were potato chips and then placing Him in some ugly profane crate

The pope, while still in Lisbon, gave another "surprise" interview.  During that interview, he opined that "people with right-wing ideologies were the most dangerous faction in the Church".  Moreover, he said that "we need normal seminarians, with their problems, who play soccer and who don't go to the neighborhoods to dogmatize".  

Most dangerous faction, are we?  Well, I suppose that depends on your perspective.  On August 3, an openly gay priest offered a Mass for LGBTQ people.  I could be incorrect, I hope I am, in believing that these people were unrepentant and continuing with their perversions.  At any rate, a group of traditional Catholics were also in that church, and they began to pray to drown out the blasphemy and sacrilege.  They even (gasp!) wore mantillas and carried Crucifixes.  Police were called and the real Catholics were ushered out.  Then Father James Alison, the gay concelebrant of that Mass said of the traditionalist protesters, "the interruption highlights the challenges that LGBTQ Catholics face in trying to practice their faith."  

"Practice their faith"???  Father, if you really want to remove those challenges, repent of your own perversions, get to Confession, and then start proclaiming God's teachings regarding the sin of homosexuality (in all its varieties).  As it stand now, you might be eligible for that millstone to be tied around a neck.  

Yes indeed.  I do hope that we are "dangerous" to those, including the pope, who seem hell-bent on mutilating our Faith beyond recognition.  Speaking of which, remember this and this from two months ago?   If this pope says we are the "most dangerous faction", I will take that as a badge of honor.

Now orthodoxy wasn't completely ignored - just that in regards to Sacred Tradition.  In one other area, orthodoxy was mandated!  All pilgrims were told to download an app onto their phones to measure...what?  How many times they went to Mass?  Whether or not they made good confessions?  How many rosaries they prayed?  No!  Of course not!  Why, that's so, so..rigid!  Nope!  This thing was a questionnaire to measure the "carbon footprint" that each person made while at the WYD, and then told them ways to "offset" those nasty "footprints".   The priorities of WYD are clearly on display - steer the focus of the youth from things of God to things of this earthly life, with a left-leaning tilt to boot.  By the way, don't you just wonder who created that app, and what else it may be doing on the phones of those unsuspecting kids?

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