Thursday, June 7, 2018

Poop Video - Nuanced Nod To Gays?

AKA-Catholic asks a very good question of this month's Poop Video: Did Pope Francis toss a bone to the gays?  This is "pride month", after all.  Listen to all the gay-appropriated buzz words: "inclusiveness", "respect for differences"

During his pontificate, we have seen many examples of Francis' flirtations and dalliances with gays - most flagrantly during the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in 2014 when its interim relatio spouted off nonsense about the "special gifts of gays". 

I think Louie is correct.  Perhaps that is why Lori and so many others are silent about the gay pride parades set to occur.  By the way - did they invite Cardinal Dolan to march in the New York one?


  1. What does it mean "to respect others because of their differences"? Nazis, pedophiles, wifebeaters and arsonists all differ from most of us, but do any of these characteristics make their possessors respectable? Or is the Pope once again spouting utter nonsense?

    1. Utter nonsense, as it usual from this evil man.


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