Thursday, June 14, 2018

VA Democrat Candidates Produce Their Own Freak-Show Gaffes!

My dear fellow Catholic conservatives who seek to restore sanity in the public square, we might as well pack it in!  Let's throw in the towel now!  How can we hope to withstand the brilliance of these liberals and their progressive-inspired political campaigns?  Why, just look at the stellar videos these people have produced!  We've already been overwhelmed by the stellar work of these Maryland campaigns, but Virginians aren't slouches either!  Look at these two gems from Virginia!

Dan Helmer ran for US Congress in VA's 10th district.  One of his most valuable assets is that he can sing!  Does he plan to serenade his colleagues from the House floor?  Was he trying to win a House seat or a karaoke contest?

Then we have Karen Mallard running for Congress from the 2nd district. She hates AR-15s!  She hates them so much that she showed us all how to saw the barrel off of one such dastardly gun!  She said that she doesn't want them in anyone's home!  So would she come crashing through our doors, buzzsaw in hand?  The poor dear!  In sawing off that barrel, she broke NFA regulations and may now be investigated by the ATF!  Oh, well...

So on one hand we have singing of dubious quality.  On the other hand, we have the grinding sound of a buzz-saw.  It's hard to tell which of these is the greater insult to the human ear drum.

By the way - Virginia's primary election happened two days ago.  Both of these candidates went down in flames!  Good bye!  Good riddance!

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  1. They should call the Vatican. I am sure Poop Frankie would find them positions of esteem.


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