Friday, June 22, 2018

Pope Francis Erroneously Claims Bishops Can Allow Sacrilege Against Holy Communion

Yes, he actually said that yesterday during another of his inane in-flight press conferences.  Here it is from LifeSiteNews and from the Catholic News Service.  Bear in mind that the latter is the official news agency of the USCCB.  He basically confirmed the heresy of the German bishops and his own disgraceful advice to the Argentinian woman.

The teaching of the Church has been crystal clear throughout the centuries.  Only Catholics who are properly disposed (meaning being free from mortal sin and having performed the requisite fast) can receive Holy Communion, with the imminent danger of death allowing for some exceptions.  These requirements are linked to the truth that when one receives Holy Communion they are receiving Our Lord in Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity.  No bishop is allowed to change that.  Period.  What the pope is advocating is nothing short of sacrilege.

In the LSN article, at the bottom are some important comments by Cardinal Muller.  The whole notion of the Catholic Church is being undermined by her chief shepherd.  Since the Church is the primary means by which people can be put in touch with the graces, sacraments, teachings, etc that they need to attain eternal salvation, we can see that what the pope said yesterday will greatly increase the likelihood that many could find themselves deprived of salvation.  These errors must be resisted.


  1. We need some courageous Cardinals to call for an Imperfect Council and depose this evil man from the Throne of St. Peter.

  2. When, O, when? How many Cardinals does it take?


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