Monday, November 4, 2019

Alexander Tschugguel, In The Spirit Of St Boniface, One Of Those Who Purged Pachamama Filth

This young man from Austria is founder of the St Boniface Institute.  He has now released a video to explain why he and a friend felt compelled to rid the Catholic Church of pagan, idolatrous filth.  Please go to that website to see that video that contains his statement on the episode.

You can also donate to the St Boniface Institute.  In fact, if anyone is looking for a more worthy recipient of your November donation dollars than the CCHD, I'd highly recommend them.  Caveat - this website, being Austrian, accepts only Euros; here's a converter you might use and others exist.

So far, the faithful Catholic media outlets that have interviewed Tschugguel include LifeSiteNews and ChurchMilitant.  I hope there are more - more people like Tschugguel.

And they are cropping up.  This past Sunday in the Archdiocese of Mexico City, Father Hugo Valdemar burned an effigy of the pachamama and offered prayers of reparation for the sins of idolatry.  Here is the LifeSiteNews article and I'll post this video now.

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  1. This young man is incredible. As evident when you watch the video, he is on fire for the Lord and His Church! I pray that he and these young people will be the 'spark' that will spread among the faithful in defense against the ravaging wolves inside the hierarchy. Pray for them because they will be needing their Mother Mary's Mantle for protection. One can only imagine the scurrying around inside the Vatican in their plotting to destroy them. As we know after 6 years of experiencing these devils, the Liberation Theologists are a very vindictive group....and they don't fight fairly. I would HIGHLY encourage Catholics to help them by donating to the St. Boniface Institute for possible legal fees.


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