Friday, November 1, 2019

Coming To A Parish Near You, Maybe Your Own

Bishop Erwin Krautler claimed that the pachamama idols can "be integrated into our liturgy".  GloriaTV then caught him in flagrant double-speak.  Recall that Krautler is the bishop who states that he never baptized a single Amazon native and doesn't plan ever to do so - in direct disobedience to Jesus Christ.

I believe Krautler when he said he never baptized anyone.  I also understand that he will try to insinuate all sorts of blasphemies into Holy Mass.  Consider my post from Monday the 28th and the video of the Mass.  At the 53:04 mark you can see the plant being carried in.  One might ask why was the video camera focused so much on it; was the operator of the recorder privy to the plot to besmirch the altar, and this focus was a bit of a gloat?

I'm bringing all this up for I believe there will be attempts to sneak some idolatry into our Masses.  It probably isn't imminent, but they will wait some time so that the memories of the pachamama statues will fade.  Then we might not tend to be alert to these dangers.  Will we prove them right?

Back to the video, as you watch the procession, you'll notice that the plant is the last "gift" to ascend to the altar - as though the bread and wine were mere "opening acts", so to speak (around the 55:00 mark).  At the 55:41 mark, the pope accepts the plant from the woman.  As far as I can tell, the plant was the only gift that the pope himself handled.  He handed it to an acolyte who them placed it on the altar.  At the 56:19 mark, the focus is on the plant - not the bread, not the wine, but the plant!  Don't tell me that this whole Mass, complete with recording, was not an orchestrated attempt to do covert homage to the pachamama demon!  The presence of any plant on an altar is a violation of GIRM, but this is rank idolatry to boot.  This is an abomination brought into God's holy church.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must be alert in the following months - particularly if you are in a locale that tends towards the progressive mindset.  We are going to have to consider our response if we see similar debacles unfold before our very eyes.  It is best that we plan now so as to be prepared, rather than be caught unawares.

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  1. I am in the midst of helping my youngest grandchild receive Confirmation the first part of May. I am praying we can get her thru it before we have to flee in search of an authentic Catholic Mass. As for me and my family 'We will serve the Lord'. I am confident though, that the Blessed Mother will help us all, give us the grace and wisdom to spot apostasy, even hidden & take appropriate action.


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