Friday, November 8, 2019

Taylor Marshall Interviews George Neumayr About Confrontation With Fr Martin

A few days ago, Taylor Marshall interviewed George Neumayr.  A week or two prior to that interview, Neumayr attended a talk given by Fr. James Martin and was able, in a "q&a" session, to make Martin publicly squirm.

Many interesting things are said in the video below.  I call your attention to remarks made at the 17:00 mark and at the 40:37 mark.  Both men are remarking how the pope's tinkering with the Church's perennial teaching on the death penalty paved the way for other more recent insults to tradtion.  I made the exact same point in several of my earlier posts over a year ago, particularly this one and this one.

Then at the 39:57 mark, Neumayr states that we have to be willing to confront error head-on as he did with Martin.  Gone are the days when we could just do with writing letters to ask prelates not to honor heretics, almost groveling in the process.  We must be willing to make the evil-coddlers uncomfortable in their toadying.  I'll most likely have more on that in a future post.

Please listen to the entire video.

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  1. Yes, I watched it. Just love George Neumayr. A heroic soldier for Christ! So many heresies thru the back door by this 'Pope', they're hard to keep track of. The Pacha displays and worship services being outright apostasy. Don't know if you happened to see it, but Fr. Pacwa (S.J.!) on his latest EWTN program really gave those in the Vatican what for in re to the Pacha displays etc! It was wonderful to watch especially coming from a Jesuit! Pray for him as he goes up against the dragon because no doubt the betrayers of Christ will persecute him......big time! He is one of the few faithful Ignatian Jesuits we have in the Church. May Our Good Lord protect him from the wolves.


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