Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Pope's Animus Against The United States

Through Eugenio Scalfari (again!), the pope stated his wish that the United States would give up its national sovereignity and submit to a one-world government.  It's for our own good, of course!  Lest anyone think that this is another bogus quote (and the Scalfari quotes have yet to be proven bogus), recall that the pope is on record as saying on September 11 that "we must obey international institutions" and "that is why the United Nations was created".

I post below a Vortex on the matter, but below that will have additional comments.

The whole Amazon Synod was all about the promotion of one-world government under the veneer of environmentalism.  The United States, under the leadership of President Trump, is blocking that.  Of course the nation's bishops are falling lock-step behind the pope.  That is why they kvetched when Trump announced our withdrawal from the abysmal joke known as the Paris Climate agreement two years ago.  That is why leftists were allowed to vent their spleens at Trump during this most recent USCCB meeting - and why some bishops actually chimed in.

Is the United States perfect?  By no means.  But then what civic government ever was?  I think it's highly ironic that the US is being attacked by all kinds of unbalanced people from both extremes.  I dealt with the right-wing version of this nonsense this past Sunday.  Given all the alternatives that currently exist, the US model is superor to them all.  At the very least, the US stands as a safeguard against the one-world malevolence being spewed by leftists.  The US stands in peril because of its embrace of baby-slaughter and sexual perversions - one reason among many why we must pray our Rosaries.  We pray them not only for the US but for civilization at large and for our poor Church that is being ill-served by progressives within the papacy and high eschelons of power.

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