Saturday, February 13, 2021

Arizona Priest Rebukes Pro-Abortion Catholics In His Homily.

Last Sunday, in the Diocese of Phoenix, this homily was delivered by Father William Kosco.  Would that every parish had such homilies preached regularly.


  1. Yes a great Homily. Pity it wasn't given by a warrior Bishop. The same homily however will, sadly, be his 'downfall'
    The video is sure doing the rounds down here.
    One has to ask if applause is appropriate in the circumstances. Father Kosko seems to think not.
    It seems to me the 'new church' goers have shifted , however slightly, the spotlight from the Holily to themselves. Can't help themselves somehow...

  2. Yes it is snowing. God forgive us. Bless all who speak out against this evil. Father I cried along with you. Blessed Mother hear our prayers for the innocent children of God.

  3. Can you imagine IF the bishops had fought the legalization of abortion back in 1973? Most of the bishops are Biden catholics.

  4. Love the fire. Wish he had been more succinct.

  5. I’m not Catholic but the homily showed up on rumble. I agree 100%. And he is truly of Gos that he is so passionate about it and not afraid “to get off the bus”. I thank God for people like him. People who are good and not afraid!! He put his own life in danger for another. And now possibly his position at the church in danger with all the hate from the trolls and evil left. God is good. All the time. Thank you for standing up for the unborn. I was adopted and I thank God my biological mother did not believe in abortion.


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